The girls 2007

The girls 2007
Hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's pond

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's Summertime!

Schools almost out and as of Friday, I will have a Kindergarten graduate! Lindsey is so excited about being able to go to school this fall all day, every day. I can't believe that we will now have two kids in school all the time! No more fall/winter daycare for us!

Alyssa will be going into 5th grade, her final year in elementary school. We went on a field trip yesterday to the VanAndel Museum and the Gypsum Mine. Brought home some huge Gypsum rocks from the mine. Must say that VanAndel is one of the best Museums that I have been to. I am going to take the girls back this summer so that I can look at things at our leisure, not run from exhibit to exhibit looking for answers on a question form.

Summer ball is here and Alyssa is playing a "semi" fast pitch. Went 2 for 2 last night! Lindsey is doing the t-ball thing. Forgot how cute it is to watch these 5-6 year olds all go for the ball when it is hit and forget to stay in their area of play.

All is well! We are enjoying some great warm, sunny weather and hope to be swimming in the pool pretty soon!

Love ya all,


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Sometimes stuff comes in threes. Lindsey had strep three weeks ago and now she has it again. We have now made an appointment with the surgeon to see about taking her tonsils out. She doesn't like doctors at all, so this has been a test for her to actually go to the doctor twice in one month and now she has to see yet another one. Poor little bugger, she can barely talk, what with all the slurring of her words because they are so swollen.

On a good note, Brian & I just celebrated our 13th anniversary by working, running our kids to doctor and softball practice. We did get to order Chinese and eat in, though.

Another good note was that I had my nephew in nursery at Church this past Sunday and he actually cuddled with me and we had the best time together! He is such a joy to watch grow. My sister and her husband do one heck of a job with raising him and it shows on his face as he smiles and laughs quite a bit.

Another good note, my nieces enjoyed a fantastic prom and soccer is going great with the youngest one. She is a sophomore in school and was moved up to play varsity level. Scored a goal a few weeks back! Way to go Bri!

Well, hopefully everything will calm down just a bit when the kids get out of school and we will enjoy some quality sunshine, pool time, and family time!

Love ya all!