The girls 2007

The girls 2007
Hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's pond

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well, it is official. Lindsey will be getting her tonsils out this next month. We visited the ENT yesterday and she actually wanted to schedule surgery for today, but I am not mentally prepared for it. There is just something about not wanting to commit that quick. She is a little worried, doesn't like going to the doctor at all. At least we have some experience with this.

Lindsey has completed her first year of T-ball and had a great time playing. We are still in "the game" with Alyssa. She is doing well and seems to enjoy it. Looks like she wants to learn to fast pitch, so I will be working with her on it this summer. Yep, just me and the tire to throw through.

Went swimming for the first time this last week. Pool actually hit 78 degrees. Now it has dropped again with the 40 degree weather. It'll go back up though.

Take care everyone and say a little prayer on 7/7/07 for Lindsey. (wow what a date)