The girls 2007

The girls 2007
Hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's pond

Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, this is the white stuff that we have and have had since New Year's Day. Snowing again here in Michigan today, Leap Day. We have officially broken a record for the month of February as being the snowiest month since I think they started keeping track (1930's). I took this picture on New Year's Day looking down our road. It's pretty for a while, but I think that we are all getting sick of it.

On a lighter note, all of us are travelling down to Florida! Going to go sun ourselves! We cannot wait for this trip. My kids are looking forward to spending days on the beach and maybe going to Disney for a day. You never know where the winds will blow while we are down there.

Both the girls are doing well. Alyssa is finishing up basketball on Saturdays and Lindsey has completed soccer, which she absolutely loved doing once she got the hang of it. Who knows, I might become the proverbial soccer mom!

Both are doing well in school. We just went to conferences and had glowing reports. Brian is now working a regular work week instead of his screwy 12 hr days with two days on, two days off. Getting back to normal is taking a while to adjust to.

My nephew just turned two and he is quite the smart little (tall) guy. I cannot believe how many words he is stringing together. Does my heart good when he starts yelling Nikki when he sees my house. Love him to pieces!

My oldest nephew just turned 21 and is now living in his own apartment (again). Couldn't be prouder of him. He seems to be adjusting to single life alone quite well. Couldn't hurt to see him a little more though! Love him to pieces!

My youngest niece just turned 17 and finished her junior year in basketball. Oh yeah, she now has her drivers license, so watch out world, here comes Bri. Love her to pieces!

My oldest niece will turn the big 18 this March and is making plans for her future. Can't believe that she is going to graduate this spring. Way to go Brit! Love her to pieces, too!

Over all, we are just chugging along. My dad is leaving on another mission trip to Pass Christian tonight, so pray for his safe travel with all the "guys". They are attempting to build a house in a month with a different crew every week. Some are there for the whole month. Way to go Haven Reformed and outlying churches!

Take care all!


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