The girls 2007

The girls 2007
Hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's pond

Friday, November 03, 2006

We are now officially covered in the white stuff here up north. Can't believe we have snow already and I have not got the kids outfitted for winter totally yet. My days are extremely busy with work and kids activities and the hunting season is upon us now.

Daddy has not had much time to go out hunting, but he will be out there this weekend and has taken off a couple of days to go this next week. He did get something the other night though. We had an animal digging holes in our back yard all over the place and he decided that was enough. Needless to say, our back yard smelled like skunk and it did get a little smelly in the house. Luckily it is fading quickly.

Girls are doing quite well. Alyssa is going in for her spacers Monday in our start of "Phase 1". I am hearing that this could be a very expensive process in the next five years. Guess I need to look at the big picture though and she will have great teeth when this is all said and done.

Lindsey is still plugging away at school and learning every day. It amazes me what she has been picking up. The other day she asked me to spell out "Why are we having chicken?". Guess the kids don't like baked chicken that much. Must take after Grandpa L. He is trying to teach my 8 mo old nephew "argh, chicken". It's cute, though.

Take care everyone!


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Connor's Mama said...

Go Alyssa!!! What a trooper.